Saturday, July 23, 2016


Even though I'm not a BookTuber I decided to participate in BookTube-a-thon!  It started on Monday, 7/18/16, and it ends at midnight on Sunday, 7/24/16.

Here's a pic of the challenges and my TBR list!

So far I have completed 5 out of 7 challenges!  I read Unforseen Beings, the book with the yellow cover,  A Fragile Will, the book read only after sunset,  Anne of Green Gables, the book older than me,  read and watched The Giver, the book to movie adaptation, and Genius Biographies, the "total of seven books" book.  I'm in the middle of A Court of Thorns and Roses, the book I discovered through BookTube.  I am having the best time with this challenge!

I receive so many books from authors and publishers and I always want to make sure I read and review them so I end up not reading books that I buy on my own.  This challenge pushed me to read others from my TBR list.  I did manage to get 3 books that were sent to me into this challenge (Unforseen Beings, A Fragile Will, and Genius Biographies).

I will be posting individual reviews for each book that I read, too.  I may do a few a day but we'll see!  I may make a video review and post the video on here.  You never know!

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