Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Between Medicine and the Innerworld Part 1 by Peter Edwards

Amazon Summary

David likes to solve riddles. Life is the biggest riddle of all. How did people come into existence, how are they alive at all…and what is the point of him walking into the hospital for his first day as an intern for his long sought after job as a doctor, if he could die at any moment—just disappear. He does walk in, however, along with his questions and doubts, into the glorious Glendale Hospital—recently rumored to be experiencing a questionably higher than normal death rate. Unfortunately, the splendor of the first impression appearance of Glendale doesn’t rub off on David’s miserable one with Dr. Williams; the doctor he’s assigned as an intern for. Williams is complex, he’s revered by the fellow hospital patrons, and when David isn’t trying to unpuzzle him, he realizes he’s being taught important lessons. That he needs to love what he does or quit, is one of them. That one of the first files he’s handed, Lucy, isn’t just an assignment, she’s a patient. After being assigned to reveal horrific news about his new patient Lucy to her mother, who turns out to be a childhood friend, he walks solo towards her room, with thoughts of being infinite, yet fragile.

My Thoughts

While Between Medicine and the Innerworld Part 1 is a short story, it was almost too short for my liking.  There was still so much that I wanted to know about David and, especially, the little patient.  Maybe the fact that I wanted so much more is a sign that it was a really good story.  I feel like it was right on the verge of being so good and I was right on the edge of being completely drawn in and then it was over!

Like I said, maybe that's what makes it so good.  I just felt like more of the story needed to be told before it was over.  It makes it hard for me to rate it.  Really good but lacking?  Could be great but I just don't know yet?  I don't know!  I'll give it 4 stars with the hope that part 2 will answer a lot of questions and be great!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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