Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Pug List by Alison Hodgson

Goodreads Summary

“What if a wheezing, sneezing, allegedly house-trained, ticking time bomb of an orphan pug is the key to helping a family feel at home again, after an arsonist set their house—and life—on fire? If you asked me, I would have said it’s a bad idea; we can do better. Unfortunately no one asked me, and The Pug List is my family’s story.”

In the fire’s aftermath of insurance battles royal, rebuilding plans, parenting in the face of life’s hard questions and a scorching case of post-traumatic stress, now is absolutely the worst possible time to adopt a dog. But to Alison’s seven-year-old daughter, Eden, it’s the perfect time—and The Relentless Campaign begins.
Until one day Alison peeks inside Eden’s diary—dubbed “The Pug List”—and realizes in one fell swoop that her girl’s heart is on the line, and resistance is futile (“The pugs make me happy FOREVER.”).
Enter “Outrageous” Oliver, and the hilarity, healing, and irresistible hope that follows.

My Thoughts

I feel like I've said this over and over, but this wasn't exactly what I was expecting out of this book.  There wasn't as much talk about the little pug as I imagined there would be.  Since the  name of the book is The Pug List I assumed it would be mainly focused on the pug.  It really wasn't until way later in the book.

The Pug List told about how the family lost everything in a fire.  Thankfully I have never had to deal with anything like that, but some of my family lost there house and everything they owned in a fire.  I can't even imagine the pain and heartache that would come with losing everything you own, all of your old photos and mementos.  So heartbreaking!

While I didn't love this book, I still enjoyed it well enough.  I can definitely say that my dog filled a space in my heart and I can't imagine my life without her now.  My dog is definitely a part of my family now so a story about a dog helping to heal a family touches my heart.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Love Unfeigned by Nadine C. Keels

Goodreads Summary

Love to the chords of a classic jazz band, spanned over more than a decade… 

Lorraine: plucky and competitive.
Isaiah: impish, with a smile that gleams in more ways than one.
From the time the two first square off for a fierce wall ball battle as children, Lorraine and Isaiah can’t help knowing each other, but neither can they avoid passions and misfortunes lining their path to young adulthood. When the breakup of Isaiah’s family disrupts the haven he’s shared with Lorraine, their natural relationship is eventually threatened by jealousy, abandonment, and a life-altering trauma too grave to…forget. As one year follows another, and another, what might it take to reunite this divided man and woman in love: love undeniably real and unbounded by time?

“Everything didn’t have to turn out perfect. I just wanted you there.”

My Thoughts

This book took me by surprise!  I'm not sure what I was expecting, I just know I wasn't expecting the twist in it!  I loved Love Unfeigned!

I decided to pick up Love Unfeigned last Friday because my family and I had to go on an overnight trip that was a few hours drive away.  I figured I would be able to finish it during the drive and, since it's just a novella and not a deep novel, not worry about the fact that I would probably have a few distractions while reading.  I was a little wrong...

I was wrong because Love Unfeigned had me so drawn in that any and all distractions frustrated me so bad!  I was able to finish it on the drive but it wasn't just a "simple little novella."  It was just as good, if not better, than most 300+ page novels I have read.

There was sweet love, a touch of mystery, and drama all wrapped up in one novella.  I very highly recommend this book!  Definitely 4 (or more) stars!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Bent, Not Broken by Suki Sather

Goodreads Summary

Delaney is an ordinary college student with good grades and a bright future in anthropology and a part-time job at the mall with her best friend for as long as she can remember. She loves music and is working to master Krav Magra. Her loving adoptive parents and three foster sisters are the center of her very routine, normal life. 
Delaney also struggles with strange dreams and feeling lost and afraid, and though her Death Watcher is always right next to her, she has no clue he is there in the shadows protecting her, or the truths about her past that make it so important for her to be shielded in the stability and normalcy those who love her crusade to maintain around her. 
The fight has only just begun in a war that has raged since the birth of humanity. 
Can darkness conquer the light or will Delaney awaken and decide that ordinary is truly over rated? 

My Thoughts

I'm not sure why, but I had a hard time getting into this book in the beginning.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would since the blurb sounded so interesting.  With that being said, I did eventually get pulled into the story and I ended up enjoying it!

Bent, Not Broken is the kind of book that I could definitely see becoming a movie.  I think that having a visual would actually help with the confusion in the beginning of the book.  I don't mind reading books that have multiple POVs but usually they switch at each chapter.  At times, this book had them switching mid-chapter and that is what confused me the most.

The storyline was great and the POV confusion wasn't enough to make me stop reading!  I would still recommend reading this even with the bit of confusion.  There were also a few "scenes" that I just skimmed past because I'm not into reading that kind of thing but, again, it wouldn't keep me from recommending it.  This is a very action packed book!  VERY!  If you're a squeamish type of person... well... WARNING!  It is super detailed but that makes it so much better!  3.5 to 4 stars!

*Note:  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bees in Loretta's Bonnet by Lois Wickstrom

Goodreads Summary

When Loretta dropped her armload of firewood on the hearth, a mysterious tube fell from between the logs. It was a leafcutter bee nest. Loretta took it back out to the woodpile and watched as holes appeared. But where were the bees?

She found more holes appearing in leaves on her rose bushes. And even some of the rose petals. But where were the bees?

Leafcutter bees are more efficient than honey bees for pollinating gardens. The book includes instructions for building a nest that may lure wild bees to your yard.

My Thoughts

Bees in Loretta's Bonnet is a cute little children's book that is entertaining and fun but it is educational as well.  I'm not exactly a lover of bees but this book taught me the importance of bees and how important they are in nature.

I loved the illustrations done by Francie Mion, too!  They were very beautifully done.  There is also a little "how-to" for building a little nest for wild bees by yourself.  This was a nice, quick read :)  4 Stars!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Delbert the Reluctant Spy by Marko Kitti

Goodreads Summary

Ten-year-old Delbert’s world is grey and glum since his grandfather died. Everything is a dull routine, and all Delbert wants to do is stay in his room. What’s more, he has to cope with an annoying next-door neighbour, Evie, who has committed her life to being in love with him.

But Delbert’s whole life is about to change when he is forced into a SUPER SECRET SPY MISSION to find a missing cat called Pandora. What seems like a straightforward job suddenly escalates into the stuff of real spy stories.

Bursting with humor and thrilling surprises, this fast-paced, action-packed story takes Delbert and Evie on a wild ride with an UTTERLY SHOCKING SECRET at the end…

My Thoughts

This book was hilarious!  We were all in the car (me, my husband, my daughter, my son, and his friend) and I was reading Delbert.  I was laughing so hard that I had to read parts of the book out loud for everyone to hear!  I definitely enjoyed this book and it made our 2 hour drive fly by!

I was certainly ready to read a cute little book that was filled with pure entertainment and that is exactly what Delbert the Reluctant Spy is!  Honestly,  I adored it!

The end made me so happy!  It was totally unexpected!  Really people, you need to read this book!  It is technically a children's book but it is really for all ages.  Or maybe I'm just a kid at heart!  I loved it!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Deity's Soulmate by Angelina Kerner

Goodreads Summary

Zeus's Daughter 100 years of punishment. Gardenia didn't ask for it. Yet the Fates brewed their plans ever since before she was born. On the day of gaining knowledge about what humanity truly is, Gardenia decides to do something stupid... create a galaxy without permission. Out of that childish choice, something breaks inside of her and she decides to spend her 100 years with dragons. After searching the stars, Gardenia finds her first teacher and then the next and the next. However, what does one do when one falls in love with your family's adversary? When one falls in love with a dragon? And what if the Fates are ready to make their move? Imaginative, amusing, and adventurous, the Goddess Training Trilogy Book 1 is a tale that will possess you to want to travel the stars.

My Thoughts

I have gone back and forth about this book.  I liked it, I didn't really care for it, it was good, it wasn't exactly my taste, and then it was back to good.  Now I'm back to not really knowing how I feel about it.  I think mostly liked it.

I enjoyed the Greek mythology aspect.  I haven't read any Greek mythology books until this one so it opened my eyes to a whole new category of books.  The story line was interesting but it seemed to be a bit confusing at times.  The timeline wasn't what I expected.  There were times when six years would pass.  There just seemed to be a ton of information in this one book.

Deity's Soulmate does end on a cliffhanger so you'll probably want to read the next book when it is available.  If you like fantasy YA books then you will probably like this one.  I think I give it a 3.5 to 4 stars.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey

Goodreads Summary

Terrorists killed his wife.

In the aftermath of a terrorist attack Neil is given the chance to serve his country by serving up revenge. He soon becomes England's premier spy and assassin. As a man he was unpleasant, dangerous and of little use. As a cyborg he is unpleasant, very dangerous and extremely useful. His suicide missions fit his strengths and his weaknesses. He exacts vengeance, kills without mercy, then destroys the evidence by destroying his temporary body. The aftermath is someone else's problem.

The scientists that created this nanotechnology knew they were creating a monster. They did not know that Neil was monstrous before they started. What do they tell their superiors when Neil's atrocities escalate? With every mission a success, will the bureaucrats even care?

But Neil is worse than homicidal and psychopathic, he's untidy. When he leaves his severed head in Iran, he leaves a pathologist a puzzle to solve. If she succeeds, it will destroy England's only chance to survive in a terrorists' transformed world. The humanity of every member of this top secret team will be maximally tested when they are ordered to send this powerful psychotic assassin on a rescue mission.

My Thoughts

From the very first sentence, with the words 'neck broke with a wet crack', to the last sentence you are met with non stop twists, turns, action, and excitement.  Some, if not all, of the scenes were so violent and graphic that you almost want to close your eyes as if it's a movie you can block out!  The problem is that since you are creating the "pictures" in your own mind's eye, you can't shut it off by closing your eyes.

I don't believe I have ever read a book quite like this one.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty certain that I haven't because I am sure I would remember it!  If you have a weak or sensitive stomach, you may not want to read this.  If you enjoy action, suspense, and thriller type books then you need to pick this one up!  It is very well written and you won't be disappointed!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Inevitable Ascension by V.K. McAllister

Goodreads Summary

The innocent never waver from doing what’s right, even if it means drowning the world in fire. 

Violina had been burned and betrayed by mankind ever since she sprang into existence. They named her a heretic and condemned her to a pit to live and die in agony. Though she sat stranded, starved and bloodied, she would not submit. Violina, the girl who had been mocked and hunted for rejecting the warped ideals of artificial authority, would lay down her own law. 

Inevitable Ascension — The rapid-fire action/adventure novel packed with a host of twists that will make your mind explode! But not literally, otherwise that would be really gross.

My Thoughts

This was my first steampunk book ever!  I wasn't sure how I would feel about it but I liked it!  The writing was wonderful, the plot line was great, and the plot twists!!! The plot twists were spectacular too!  I also love that a husband and wife wrote this book together!  So awesome!

It was a pretty violent book but in a great way!  But, it wasn't all drama and gore, it had great humor to the point that I laughed out loud at times!  This is a great YA for the fact that it didn't have any sexual content or bad language or nothing like that!  That definitely made me so happy!  It's a very entertaining book and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to read it!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Check out Book Swag!

I was contacted by someone from an awesome new website that I want to tell you about!
I was trying to figure out exactly the best way to explain it but I wanted to make sure that all of the information got to you all correctly.  I figured the best way would be to copy the information that was sent to me!  So here you go!!!

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Here are some FAQs that I've been asked that might be of use too:

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I'm launching the site as a bit of a test to see if there's a way for writers to promote their books without having to pay out some big fee. Because most writers don't have the money to simply try out different forms of book promotion and more often than not they don't have the time to do the vast amount of free promotional stuff. Also with a lot of other promotional sites they require you to discount your book, but as writers ourselves we feel that in a way it's disrespectful for the authors. They've spent all this time writing, rewriting, editing, getting the book formatted, a cover designed. Why should they discount their book to 99c? You wouldn't ask that in other professions, so why do we ask that of authors? 

As the site is free for readers to signup and receive information on book recommendations and deals, and it's free for the author to promote their books - http://www.book-swag.com/submit-your-book/ - the site will make it's money through affiliate links with amazon. For every book sold, as an affiliate, the site gets a percentage of Amazon's commission. This way we can help authors without having to charge them a fee and they don't loose any money on the sales because it comes from Amazon's commission.

What is your business model?

At the moment we're a small team of friends all working for free, we're doing this out of our own time. We launch on the 1st July but all money will be pumped back into the site - hosting, email accounts, paying for coding, advertising etc). We're giving it 6 months to see if the website can become something that is self-funding while providing great results for the authors featured. After that if the site is paying for itself will review everything. If it's making money 90% of that will go back into the site and 10% be split across the team members to help compensate them for their time. 

How will you control the quality of the books which you promote - often sites have minimum requirements e.g. number of on-line reviews or star rating?

We start with the submission page - http://www.book-swag.com/submit-your-book/ - and from the information the author has submitted we try to get a sense for the author (do they have a decent website, social media presence etc). Me and the other people who work on the site are looking the reviews and comments on amazon to get a sense of what the current readers think of the book, we do a search for other online reviews and comments on Goodreads. After the initial submission, we reach out to the authors to get a sample chapter to check the quality of the writing and if it's something we like. It goes a little on gut too, if we feel the author isn't suited then it will simply be a no.

How do you plan to promote the new site?

At the moment, we're doing a pretty heavy outreach campaign within the writing, reading and publishing community. Asking them to get the word out any way they can, guest posts, backlinks, social media shoutouts, hitting up their email lists. We're trying to get on sites like Buzzfeed - https://www.buzzfeed.com/scottthewriter/27-websites-to-help-you-find-your-next-great-read-2e1d8 - and anywhere else we can. 

We're doing a bit of social media marketing, but as we're a small team we're finding this quite time-consuming for the results. 

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What's your background?  Is this your first foray into online promotion?

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Anything else you want to tell people?

I think I've rambled on long enough, but I'd love for people to help us support authors by letting everyone know about the site, whether it's friends, their family or a random stranger on the street.Every little bit is helping us get the word out about book-swag.com

Monday, June 13, 2016

Two Brothers by Gregory Sandler

Goodreads Summary

A decade earlier in war-torn Sudan, two young orphaned brothers were shockingly torn apart. 

That one fateful day would alter their lives forever. While Arif was fortunate to have escaped and grow up in the comfort and stability of the United States, Umar was left behind in a world of loneliness and despair, where survival was his only goal. 

For the next ten years they would have no contact with each other; only left with the memories of what had been and the crippling doubt of how the other was living. 

A series of chance events sees their lives intersect once more, but their second chance at a life together is threatened by a corrupt government and officials with self-interest who will stop at nothing to get in their way. 

Two Brothers is a heart-wrenching, suspenseful and powerful story about loss, perseverance and the unmatched strength a brotherly bond.

My Thoughts

Two Brothers is yet another book that I might not have picked up on my own but am glad that I had the opportunity to read.  The thought that people, especially children, have to live and try to survive in places and situations as were described in this book just hurts my heart!  I can't even imagine it!  It reminds us how blessed we are to have the freedom and choices that we have.

The other subject that was brought up is racism even here in the United States.  Once again, I am so blessed that I haven't even had to witness racism where I live, around the people I am frequently with.  I live around and spend time with people of all races and, thankfully, have never had to deal with the ignorance of racism.

Two Brothers is a book that touches your heart and really makes you think.  It is less than 200 pages long so it is a fairly quick read and is definitely worth reading.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mother, Can You Not? by Kate Siegel

Goodreads Summary

Based on the wildly popular Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom, Kate Siegel's essay collection about life with the woman who redefined the term "helicopter mom"
There is nothing more wonderful than a mother’s love. There is also nothing more annoying. Who else can proudly insist that you’re perfect while simultaneously making you question every career, fashion, and relationship decision you have ever made?
No one understands the delicate mother-daughter dynamic better than Kate Siegel—her own mother drove her so crazy that she decided to broadcast their hilarious conversations on Instagram. Soon, hundreds of thousands of people were following their daily text exchanges, eager to see what outrageous thing Kate’s mom would do next. Now, in Mother, Can You NOT?, Kate pays tribute to the woman who invented the concept of drone parenting. 

From embarrassing moments (like crashing Kate's gynecological exams) to outrageous stories (like the time she made Kate steal a cat from the pound) to hilarious celebrations (including but not limited to parties for Kate's menstrual cycles), Mother, Can you NOT? lovingly lampoons the lengths to which our mothers will go to better our lives (even if it feels like they’re ruining them in the process).

My Thoughts

Mother, Can You Not? is a cute, quick, funny book that I totally wasn't expecting!  I actually had never heard anything about this book or the Instagram account that it is based on until I saw it on the Blogging for Books website.  The description sounded amusing so I was excited to read it.  I actually laughed out loud a few times while reading this book!  It was funnier than I expected!

With that being said, I'm not a huge fan of the language and innuendos that were in this book.  The humor kept me reading it but I don't know how often I would recommend this book due to those things.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Savaged Lands by Lana Kortchik

Goodreads Summary

September 1941, Kiev. 
Life for teenage sisters Natasha and Lisa Smirnova is about to change beyond their worst fears.

Despite Stalin’s assurances to hold the Ukrainian capital at all costs, Hitler has ordered his troops into the Ukraine and for the Russians and Ukrainians living there, it heralds a terrible time of fear, hunger and peril. 
All too soon, the danger of living under Nazi occupation impacts on the lives of the ordinary citizens. 
The eldest Smirnov son, Stanislav, sets off to fight for the Red Army at the front. 
On the brink of marriage to her fiancĂ© Alexei, Lisa’s happiness quickly turns to despair. 
Her older sister Natasha watches as their frail grandmother stands up to a Nazi and pays a hard price. But who is the mysterious soldier who steps in to rescue Natasha? 
As the harsh winter of 1941 draws in, the Smirnov family watch Jewish friends dragged from their homes, never to return.
The family are further torn by war when Natasha’s father is taken away. 
Distraught Natasha turns to Mark, a Hungarian who she grows quickly fond of. 
The consequences of their relationship could be dire for both Natasha and Mark if they are discovered, and their future looks fragile. 
Two years pass and the noise of Red Army planes is heard once again over Kiev, prompting new hope to rise up among the citizens of the city. 
The Nazis look set to move out, but will the Smirnovs’ loved ones ever return to Kiev? 
Natasha waits and hopes for better times to return, not knowing whether she will ever see the people she cares for again. 
Savaged Lands is a novel of love and loss, which chronicles the lives of ordinary citizens of Kiev during this dark and desperate period of their history in World War 2. Its descriptions and characters portray the horrors, and ultimately the hopes, of family members looking to survive oppression and starvation. 
Whilst moving and chilling in parts, it ultimately bears testimony to the strength of the people of Kiev, and to their faith that life and love could still prevail against all the odds.

My Thoughts

I have found a new love for historical fiction!  That is one thing I love about being a book reviewer;  I receive books of all genres, ones that I wouldn't always pick up on my own.  I have recently read some amazing historical fiction novels and this was one of them!  Savaged Lands was so good!

I started reading this a few nights ago.  Once again, I had forgotten what this book was about and, for some reason, the title had me thinking that it was going to be a YA Dystopian book or something like that.  As soon as I started reading I realized that I was definitely mistaken.  Anyways, as I was saying,  I started reading this a few nights ago and my plan was to for about an hour before I went to sleep... That was the plan... However, I got so wrapped up in it that I looked over at the clock and it was 3am!  Four hours had gone by!  I had to make myself put the book down and go to sleep!

I picked it back up the next morning and devoured the rest of it.  I loved this book!  Now, I do have to say that it is so, incredibly sad.  And, as I was reading such heartbreaking things, the realization hit me that these kinds of things really did happen!  Oh, the ache in my heart while reading this!

When I read the last line of Savaged Lands all I could think of was how much I wanted to pick up another book and read more about Natasha!  I don't know how this book was so satisfying yet it still left me needing more!  Honestly,  I need more!  Savaged Lands is a 5 Star, must read book!  Amazing!

*Note:  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Home-Less by Zeynep Guvenc

Goodreads Summary

“Recognizing Him means having a home; denying Him means being homeless.” Home represents shelter, a roof, peace and happiness. Our true home is located in our heart, the house of God. My novel Homeless is a work of multicultural adult fiction set in San Francisco. Each chapter represents a “scene” in a human’s life. The book flows along two parallel streams that are intertwined with each other: the first is the real world, the second is the inner world. The inner world includes philosophical metaphors taking place on the islands of San Francisco: Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and Angel Island. They represent the places the human soul visits internally based on a person’s daily experiences. Following an abusive childhood, Johnson is homeless, living on the streets of San Francisco. His life intersects with a Turkish immigrant family, living in “Turk Street” and facing inter-cultural and inter-religious challenges in a new country.

My Thoughts

Home-Less is seriously unlike any book I have ever read.  It isn't your typical fiction novel that has a single storyline that you follow the whole book through.  The author's writing style is creative and poetic.  She created characters that really hit home and make your heart and mind think.  Her Island metaphors challenge you to think about your life, where you're headed, and what you're here for.

I really don't know how to describe this book adequately enough for you to understand the impact.  You'll just have to pick up a copy for yourself!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin

Goodreads Summary

Bullied his entire life, orphaned university graduate, Gabriel Harper, is bitten by a Royal vampire moments before sunrise, transforming him over the course of six terrible and exhilarating nights into a hybrid—human by day, vampire by night.

Just as he learns to come to grips with what he has become, the Silver Legion—a covert, vampire-hunting organization kidnap him and his three friends, forcing them to join their clandestine crusade; however, they remain unaware of Gabriel’s nature until it is too late.

Each choice made sets in motion a turn of devastating events—from love-triangles and fratricide, lust and betrayal, broken dreams and the thirst for power, vengeance and the spilling of blood defines victory.

A Change Of Heart is set primarily in the fictional City of Penance; interweaving the lives of Legionnaires, humans and vampires in the course of a year.

My Thoughts

Although I have reviewed a "vampire book" before, it is not the type of book that I typically read.  With that being said, like before, I was contacted by the author and asked if I would like to read and review this book and I went into it with an open mind.

The book started out fairly well.  There was a good level of excitement and intrigue.  Then, there were times when I got a little confused.  The chapters were each written in the viewpoint of one of the characters and were named after that character.  During each chapter I found myself having trouble remembering exactly whose viewpoint I was reading from and, at times, who the character was speaking about.

The book moved pretty slow, perhaps because you would read about the same event a few different times when you would read it from different perspectives.  It made it somewhat hard to get through which typically would make me just put the book down (honestly there were times when I did put it down and read another book to break it up a bit before I went back to it again) but I did promise a review so I knew I needed to finish it.

The storyline isn't bad, it's actually pretty decent, but it was just a bit hard to read at times.  The ending was a tad anticlimactic as there were things left open-ended.  I hate that I didn't love it.  That always makes me feel frustrated.  I think that I might give A Change Of Heart 2.5 to 3 stars.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Stuck On Vacation With Ryan Rupert by P.S. Malcolm

Goodreads Summary

Aubany Winters' life soon becomes a nightmare when her mum gets cancer and has to leave for California with her dad. Left with her neighbours, the Ruperts, and to her displeasure, their son Ryan, she finds herself forced to tag along on their family vacation to Nula Island. There's just a few problems, like her fear of the ocean, her and Ryan's mutual hatred for each other, and the psycho girl who is trying to kill them.

Will Aubany overcome her fears? Will she and Ryan ever stop hating each other? Or will their flaws and disagreements lead them right into the enemy's hands?

My Thoughts

Stuck on Vacation With Ryan Rupert is a cute little YA contemporary book that will be available on June 30th.  I received an email from P.S. Malcom, the author, asking if I would like to read and review this book and I gladly accepted.  I love getting ARCs, especially when the blurbs sound like a fun read!

This book was a fun, quick read.  I read for about an hour last night and finished up in a couple hours this morning.  It’s not a deep, heartfelt kind of book.  It’s more of an entertaining little guilty pleasure!

I enjoyed reading Stuck on Vacation With Ryan Rupert and I definitely recommend this to all who enjoy YA Contemporary books.  It’s a perfect vacation/beach book.  Get it and enjoy!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.