Monday, June 12, 2017

American Gilt: Debut by J. D. Peterson


American Gilt Debut (Vol 1) Based on a true story of the Gilded Age Newport, R.I. 1880 - American debutante Sara Swan Whiting has been trained for one purpose: to marry well into society. Together with her friends, Carrie Astor and Edith Jones (Wharton) Sara debuts into society and is introduced to the bachelors of New York's wealthy families, hoping to find the perfect marriage. 'Ethereally beautiful' and 'the spirit of the ball', Sara garners many suitors. But none steal her heart, until destiny steps in and she is introduced to Oliver Belmont, the handsome son of financier August Belmont. Raised in the privileged style of his family's wealth, Oliver is pressured by his father to find a suitable vocation, but prefers a gentleman's life of leisure. Sent to the naval academy by his parents, he begs to resign, and then shows up at his mother's Paris suite unannounced - away without leave. Oliver begins to realize marriage will offer him freedom from his father's constant insistence on a career, and he sets his sights on the naive and beautiful Miss Whiting. Smitten with Oliver's charms, Sara begins courting the handsome Mr. Belmont. While on an afternoon outing Oliver spontaneously proposes marriage, breaking protocol by not getting his parents approval first. Sara accepts the proposal - only to discover his parents disapprove of the match. In an effort to squelch the romance, Oliver is sent to Germany for an internship with his father's banking associate, Mr. Rothschild. In an age when royal titles and large dowries were exchanged through marriage, Oliver and Sara find themselves forced to deal with the decorum of Gilded Age society while embracing their newfound love. What develops is a story that will transport you through time as 'American Gilt - Debut' unfolds. With information gathered from letters, historical newspapers and personal interviews, J. D. Peterson skillfully weaves a compelling tale based on the true account of the Belmont-Whiting Scandal of 1883. Previously published as "SWAN SONG - The Vocation of Marriage"

My Thoughts

I love reading books that make you feel like you're sneaking a peek at someone's life.  American Gilt: Debut does just that.  I used to think that Historical fiction books would be boring but I have definitely changed my mind about that.  My new found love for Historical fiction runs pretty deep!  With this book being about a real person, well it just makes it even better.

When a book can transport you to another time and place while you are reading it there's nothing better.  You know you have found a great book.  I really enjoyed reading about Sara Whiting.  I found myself cheering her on and also wanting to yell warnings to her!  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I plan to get the next two in the series.  Thank you, J. D. Peterson for sending your book to me!  I loved it!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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