Monday, October 31, 2016

The Rocks of Aserol by Richard Dee

Goodreads Summary

At first glance it was a simple enough job, go to Aserol and find out what’s happening at the Waster mine. For Horis Strongman, it’s the start of an adventure, there are things that don’t add up and he stumbles upon a secret. It’s enough to kill for, but can he stay alive to expose it? 

In a world where Coal is King, where machines of Metal are powered by Steam and Clockwork, those in power want him silenced by any means.

Accused of a terrible crime, Horis is forced to run, aided by those who can prove his innocence, and unsure of whom he can trust.

From the mines to the skies, on the oceans and rivers, The Rocks of Aserol could change the world.

My Thoughts

Well, this is the first book I have read in the steampunk genre!  That in itself was exciting for me! Haha!  And even better is that it was a pretty good book!  I'm a happy girl.

I wasn't exactly sure what steampunk was, actually I may still be a bit unsure completely, but I was excited nonetheless.  I enjoyed the real-world-ness with a combination of the fantastical-ish world... if that makes any sense at all.  The characters are extremely interesting and you get drawn in pretty much from the very beginning.  The Rocks of Aserol is a wonderfully entertaining book and I am so glad to have read it!  I really can't say that I have any negatives to speak of.  New Genre, new book, new experience!  Can't get much better than this!

*Note:  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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