Friday, October 28, 2016

Princess Bella and the Dragon's Charm by Pete Planisek

Goodreads Summary

It’s a magical age of kings and queens, knights and castles, and royal marriages. For some reason, poor Princess Bella never laughs, that is until she befriends a friendly dragon named Spurlock. Together they’ll face Bella’s doubtful parents, a snobbish prince, and an evil witch who wants the kingdom and all its treasures for herself.

This light-hearted tale of adventure and mystery will help teach children about friendship, the importance of accepting others, and the idea that courage can take many forms.

Princess Bella and the Dragon’s Charm is the first children’s chapter book written by Pete Planisek and the first book illustrated by Elizabeth Nordquest. This fantasy book is intended for young readers ages 6-11.

My Thoughts

Well, actually, these are going to be my daughter's thoughts.  I was expressing to my daughter how long my TBR list is and how I have to start doing some mega reading to catch up somewhat.  She agreed to read some of the children, teen, and YA books for me!  I am so excited!

Ok, on to the review...

Princess Bella and the Dragon's Charm is a pretty cute book!  Not super childish but not teen-ish either.  Perfect for middle grade.  It was full of details, which I love.  I was really getting into it and actually laughed out loud a few times.

I guess my only real complaint would be that it was too short!  At times it seemed a bit rushed, which I guess I understand since it's considered to be a children's book, but I was enjoying it enough that I wasn't really ready for it to be over.

Over all it is a cute book  and I definitely recommend it!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thank you to Carrie K, and her daughter, from Carrie K's Book Reviews for sharing both your time and thoughts about Princess Bella and the Dragon's Charm. Very happy to have played a small role in the life of a young book reviewer and reader. I had fun writing this story and am so pleased to hear you enjoyed reading it. This is a world I plan to return to in a sequel book :) Happy reading!