Thursday, August 11, 2016

Evelyn dear Fender by Rodney Jones

Goodreads Summary

Isn’t believing you have a chance, even when you don’t, better than knowing you don’t when you don’t?

Evelyn Hatfield sets out to be the first to reach the mythological land of Methania. But before her epic journey can begin, she must first suffer high school jealousies, the apathy of conformity, and a pair of clueless parents--all while learning to sail.

Through chance, and a few innocent manipulations and half-truths, Evelyn finally sets sail for the distant horizon where she and her stowaway monkey, Bobo, do battle with their most fearsome enemy, the weather... and lose. Shipwrecked on a tiny island, 4,000 miles from home, she meets Fender Spigot, an equally shipwrecked explorer from Methania who, having never heard a language other than his own, gibber-jabbers his way into her heart.

Regardless of their communication issues, they manage to help each other escape the island—Evelyn, sailing east, and Fender, west—only to discover that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But how can they, again, find each other with such a monstrous ocean and a thousand misunderstandings between them?

My Thoughts

Evelyn dear Fender was quite an interesting book.  It is told from two different perspectives, Evelyn and Fender.  I enjoyed that aspect because they couldn't really speak to each other due to the fact that they basically spoke different languages, some of the same words but with different meanings.  I found that pretty interesting.  They had to find other ways to communicate, like through pictographs.

The only things that I didn't love...well I can't even mention without spoilers!  They weren't bad, just not what I wanted to happen.  All in all, Evelyn dear Fender is an enjoyable read that I recommend to all who enjoy reading fantasy type books with a touch of humor!

*Note:  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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