Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Know I'm Married But... & #MarriageMatters by Dr. Kenton D. Wiley

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I Know I'm Married But...

Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever cheated? Do you fear you may cheat in the near future? First, stop beating yourself up, you are not alone. Second, it's time to take hold of your relationship. Dr. Wiley's smash-hit I KNOW I'M MARRIED BUT... shows readers how to avoid cheating.

Whether you have been married for decades, days, engaged, dating, or just exploring. No one is a fan of CHEATING. How does a relationship go from superior to sloppy? How does God's divine institution of marriage result in division and destruction? When will we draw the line and start maintaining healthy relationships?

Are you prepared to develop a relentless commitment? Are you ready to change the statistics of divorce in the church and our community? Then look no further!

Grab hold of Dr. Wiley's "25 Principles to Avoid Cheating" and STOP desiring a healthy relationship and develop one!


In a society filled with knowledge, wisdom, and advice, why do we still struggle with basic principles of communicating in our relationships? There doesn't seem to be a problem with our communication when we are pursuing a relationship. So why is it such a struggle to keep that line of communication open after we are involved?

◊Every time I try to communicate with my spouse, it leads to arguments. What should I do?

◊What can I do to open the lines of communication in our marriage?

◊We never talk about our problems? What should we do?

These are some of the questions that arose in my heart when I decided to write this book. I've been married for nearly a decade, and to some that may be a drop in the bucket and to others, it could seem like a lifetime. No matter where you may fall on the spectrum, one thing is for sure, without proper communication, any marriage or relationship will struggle and possibly fail.

In this particular book I have developed 10 Principles of Effective Communication. Stop ignoring the signs, and follow these simple principles to rebuilding or developing the communication in your marriage or relationship.

My Thoughts

I know I say this a lot, but this isn't the typical genre that I read.  With that being said, I still enjoyed these books.  I am married and found both books very informative and helpful.  They would be great for couples who are engaged to read before getting married but they would also be wonderful for couples who have been married for a while.  They are quick reads so they don't take up a ton of your time and, the time it does take to read them is well worth it.

*Note: I received copies of these books from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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