Tuesday, May 17, 2016

By the Hands of Men Book Three: The Wrath of a Righteous Man by Roy M. Griffis

Goodreads Summary

Continuing the epic story of the “By Hands of Men” series, a man and a woman, torn apart by fate, forge their own destinies in the world after the Great War. Escaping her enslavement in Russia, Charlotte Braninov fights to build a new life in London while the shadow of modern fanaticism looms over Europe. Robert Fitzgerald faithfully serves the Crown in Africa until honor compels him to risk everything to overcome an ancient evil, only to discover that the greatest war rages within himself.

My Thoughts

Well, Roy Griffis did it again!  And the thing is, this isn't even the normal genre that I read!  I love this series and, as much as I wanted to know the outcome, I am extremely excited that there will be a forth book!

I adore Charlotte Braninov!  Her strength and character amaze me.  I want her to be real and I want to know her!  I like Robert too but I honestly could read a book just from her point of view.

This book is so well-written!  The realness and depth of the story and the character building is simply outstanding.  I was certainly not disappointed at all.  I have already been recommending Mr Griffis' first two books in this series to every book lover I come in contact with and I will now be suggesting that they read this one as well!  Five stars, Mr Griffis, five stars!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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