Friday, March 4, 2016

Ex-Isle by Peter Clines

Goodreads Summary

It's been years since the tidal wave of ex-humans washed over the world.  Since then, thanks to St George and his fellow heroes, the community known as the Mount has been the last known outpost of safety, sanity, and freedom left to humanity.

But even for the Mount, survival still balances on a razor's edge - and after a disaster decimates the town's food supply, the heroes must make a risky gamble to keep its citizens from starving.

And then the news arrives of a strange, man-made island in the middle of the Pacific.  An island populated not just by survivors, but by people who seem to be farming, raising children, living - people who, like the heroes, have somehow managed to keep the spark of civilization alive.

Paying this place a visit should be a simple goodwill mission, but as the island reveals itself to be a sinister mirror-image of what the heroes have built at the Mount, the cost of their good intentions becomes dangerously high.

My Thoughts

Ex-Isle by Peter Clines is actually the fifth (I believe) book in the Ex-Heroes series.  I think that because of this, I was a bit lost.  I really struggled with this book... a lot.

First of all, like I already said,  this was book five.  Second, maybe this isn't my genre.  I wanted to like this book so much!  I would much rather like every book I read!  Unfortunately,  I just didn't like this one much at all.

After I finished this book I went to Amazon to see what other people thought.  I learned that it does have several positive reviews.  I think that the key is to read all of the books in the series in order to be able to enjoy this one.  In my opinion, it just definitely is not a stand alone book.

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