Monday, January 22, 2018

Megan's Munchkins - Megan's World Volume 1 by Pamela Foland


Megan’s Munchkins is the first book in the middle grade fiction series Megan's World. Not everything hidden in the closet is scary, even if it’s furry and has sharp claws! Every teenager’s dream come true and every parent’s worst nightmare, Megan’s Munchkins is a short and sweet tale about a middle-school girl finding, quite by accident, the pet she had always wanted. Plus three more! It’s almost Spring break and adventurous thirteen-year-old Megan Thompson finds four tiny day-old kittens in the park and makes a decision on the spot that will turn her life upside-down. What does a young girl do who has been told by her parents over and over again that she may not have a pet? In Megan’s mind, there is no question. She must save these motherless newborns, even if it means keeping them a secret from her mom and dad. The next five weeks are an exhausting blur of vet visits, endless cycles of feeding schedules, household chores, homework and sneaking around, but Megan has never been happier in her whole life. The kittens grow quickly and begin to venture out into the world beyond the closet. Megan knows it is only a matter of time before her she must tell her parents about her secret. Fate steps in and her secret is discovered. What will happen to her precious babies now?

My Thoughts

This was a very cute middle grade book.  I can imagine  my thirteen year old self really loving this book and hoping to find secret kittens of my own!  I do have to say, I can't imagine being responsible enough to competently care for tiny kittens on my own at that age, though.  Nor would I have had that much money saved up!

As a mom, I don't love the fact that she hid kittens for that long, but like I said, that's the mom in me!  Lol!  Over all, it was a cute, well thought out story and I'm glad to have received it!

*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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