Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Gleam of Light by T. J. and M. L. Wolf


In 1995, at the age of eight, Una Waters survived a terrifying encounter at 30,000 feet aboard Flight 564 from Dallas to Las Vegas. It changed her forever. After 21 years, and a decade away from the Hopi Reservation where she grew up as a child, a surprise plea for help brings Una back, to solve a mystery that threatens their traditional way of life. The U.S. Army's sudden interest regarding a cave discovery in the Sacred Peaks has triggered alarm, leading to violence. With the help of friends, new and old, Una must confront her painful past, seek proof to qualify the ancient site for protection under law, and stand up to a stiff-necked general, whose agenda is more concerned with retrieving a mysterious power source.

My Thoughts

Let me start off by saying that A Gleam of Light isn't my favorite genre book.  I don't often enjoy many science fictiony books.  They just aren't my preference.  With that being said, I'm still not sure that my lack of love for this genre is the reason that I didn't really enjoy the book.

I actually had a few issues with it.  Not major issues, but when you add them up it makes for a lower rating.  First, I think that there was just too much going on in this book.  Too many themes and circumstances.  Maybe if they were all in individual books, or ever a few per book, it could have been a little better.

Next, I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters.  Usually when I read a book I connect with at least one of the characters.  I can either picture the situation they are in as if I'm living it or I can feel as if I know the person and can somewhat sympathize with the character.  I never felt a connection throughout this whole book.  It was very disappointing to me.  It makes a book really hard to read.

There were cringe-worthy lines and sections of the book that made it especially hard to read.  I came across another reviewer who brought up one line in the book (They laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at them because they are all the same) and she mentioned that she has come across that statement enough times that she wonders if it could be considered plagiarism and even if it isn't, it is such a cliche line to be used yet again.  There was also a part where Una started crying because her friend was crying and it was referred to as being a "woman thing."  Not my favorite part, for sure.

I think that the only thing I enjoyed about A Gleam of Light was learning some things about the Hopi Culture that I hadn't heard of before.  I haven't read many books about Native Americans before so I found that pretty interesting.

All in all, I didn't really care for this book.  I hate posting negative reviews.  It's heartbreaking to say negative things about something that someone worked so hard at.  However, I have vowed to be honest in my reviews.  No matter how hard it may be sometimes.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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