Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Ravenstone: The Secret of Ninham Mountain by Diane Solomon and Mark Carey

Goodreads Summary

"You were born to this path! This quest is your fate."

Imagine a raven appearing out of thin air and guiding you to an exquisitely carved icon that glows with ancient light and pulses with shamanic power.

This is how the adventure begins for Nadia and Aidan Shaw, thirteen-year-old twins, who live in idyllic Cold Spring, New York, on the banks of the Hudson River.  Armed with the power of the Ravenstone and their own special gifts, they embark on a harrowing quest across centuries, at the bidding of a mysterious old shaman. They must depend on their courage, their faith in their friends, and luck. Or is it destiny?

If they succeed, what they bring back could change the course of human existence.

My Thoughts

The Ravenstone: The Secret of Ninham Mountain may have been written for children/middle grade readers but I loved it!  When asked to read and review this book I figured it would be a cute little book and that if I wasn't able to get into it (since it is a children's/middle grade book) I would consider having my daughter read and review it for me.  Well, that clearly wasn't an issue at all!  I will tell her that she should read it, but only because it was so good!

I don't recall reading many, if any, books about twins so that was interesting in itself.  There were honestly so many interesting things in this book!  It kept me wanting to read and I found myself trying to sneak in extra times to read a chapter or two.  As a matter of fact, I "went to bed" early so that I could finish it last night!

I will certainly be recommending this book!  Not just to children or middle graders, but to anyone who enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, action, magical type genres.  Thank you, Mark Carey, for sending this book to me!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thank you Carrie, for the lovely review. Diane and I had enormous fun writing The Ravenstone and are busy on the sequel now. We are always thrilled to hear that adults enjoy the book too!