Thursday, September 22, 2016

Coinman: An Untold Story by Pawan Mishra

Goodreads Summary

Prejudice takes place in a plethora of forms. It sprouts a rare growth when a clerk called Coinman can’t stop jingling the coins in his pocket. It’s a seemingly harmless addiction, but it’s one that comes to rule his life and begins to invite the wrath of virtually everyone around him. His work environment becomes increasingly hostile while his life at home begins to suffer as a result of his wife’s obsession with acting. When an attempt to remedy the situation goes horribly wrong, it spurs those involved onto unexpected paths.

In this eccentric tale set in a small town in northern India, Pawan Mishra masterfully weaves ingenuity and sarcasm in a manner that’s simultaneously hilarious and tragic. Coinman is a modern-day parable laced with pithy wisdom and psychological insight into human nature--a clever parody of the dynamics of office politics and groupthink. At times, surreal, Mishra’s distinctive novel is an overflowing basin of linguistic humor. Eloquently written, this satirical story beautifully depicts how even mature, sensible adults can callously inflict emotional damage upon the most vulnerable.

My Thoughts

Coinman is definitely not the kind of book that I normally read but it was pretty good!  There were times that I went back and forth about it, did I like it....did I not like it... Yep, it was pretty good :)

With that being said, I enjoyed it but I didn't exactly love it.  I wasn't necessarily bored by it but I wasn't completely sucked in like I like to be.  In the book's defense, I have been so incredibly busy and exhausted that maybe it's not that the book isn't great.  Maybe I've just been too tired to enjoy it like I should.  I have read several other reviews that say that Coinman is wonderful so it really might just be me.  Get it and try it for yourself!

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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