Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bad Analysis by Colin Knight

Goodreads Summary

In London, a delusional racist aristocrat, invisible, privileged, and well-protected by his station, ruthlessly coordinates a diabolical attack, a slaughter disguised as a domestic terror assault.  Deep in the core of MI5, a traitor, misuses, redirects and controls official resources.  Manipulating a group of cowards, rapists, murderers, and virulent racists culled from the ranks of the English Defense League, the aristocrat and the traitor aim to throw England into a state of xenophobic frenzy.  Only two men stand a chance of stopping their fanatical plot.  One is a victim of state-sponsored madness twice over, a humble Egyptian cab driver who brought his family to England in search of a better life.  Aalim is meant to be a scapegoat for the actions of his captors, a "rag-head" who can be made to take the blame for their actions lest his innocent wife and son, taken hostage, suffer a terrible fate.  The other, Wilson, is a crotchety intelligence analyst.  An iconoclastic workaholic, rapidly losing patience with his superiors' political gamesmanship, Wilson relies on his own brand of intelligence analysis when one of the plotters makes the attack personal and when one of his closest friends at MI5 pays the ultimate price for discovering too much.  Can Aalim's faith and humanity overcome his fear of the monsters keeping his family captive?  And can Wilson overcome the Bad Analysis that infests a system that, from the very beginning, was set against him?

My Thoughts

I was contacted by Mr Knight and asked if I would like to read and review his novel, Bad Analysis.  I agreed and am glad I did!  I admit that I was hesitant when I first read the summary of this book.  It is not the typical genre that I read so I wasn't sure how I would feel about it.  To be perfectly honest, there were a few things that I personally didn't love (the detailed violence and the choice language) because I'm just not a violence and terror kind of girl but I could totally see this becoming a movie!

Bad Analysis was well written and extremely detailed.  Colin Knight certainly did his research!  This is not a fluff book or one for the faint of heart!  If you enjoy reading Thrillers then you will probably love this book!  Go get it!

*Note:  I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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